Commercial Leasing

Representation of landlords and tenants in leases of office and retail spaces throughout the New York metropolitan area, including:

Tenant Representation

Offices: Representation of law firms, medical professionals,
not-for-profits, telecom companies, magazine companies
and many other organizations in leasing office spaces in Class A and B buildings throughout the metropolitan area, with sizes ranging from 1,000 to more than 10,000 square feet;

Stores: Representation of retailers, including high-end fashion companies, in store leases of various sizes.

Restaurants: Representation of restaurants and wine bars, including representation of high-end Italian restaurant company in leasing locations in iconic Park Avenue office building, and midtown hotels.

Art Galleries: Representation of art galleries in leasing gallery spaces in Hudson Square and Chelsea.

Landlord Representation

Stores: Representation of landlords throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn in leases of store spaces to national chains (including
drug stores and jeans retailers), local chains (including coffee bars, restaurants, and clothing stores), and individual retailers.

Offices: Representation of landlords of office and loft buildings in leasing of office spaces of various sizes.

Coops/Condos: Representation of coop boards, and of owners
of master commercial leases and commercial condominium
units in leasing store spaces, with special consideration given to underlying coop and condo issues.

Real Estate Development

Representation of real estate developers in the assemblage and acquisition of development sites, obtaining construction loans and permanent financing, and negotiation of construction contracts, including:


  • Representation of developer in assemblage and acquisition
    of several properties on a single block in downtown Brooklyn, including use of a "reverse 1031 exchange", with a total land value
    in excess of $40 million.
  • Representation of developer in acquisitions of several sites in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn, including acquisition and construction loan financing in the amount of $21 million for construction of the first new hotel in the area.
  • Representation of developer in obtaining $90 million construction loan for condominium apartment building in the East 30s in Manhattan.

Construction and Design Contracts

  • Representation of developers in negotiation of construction management agreements and architecture contracts for high-rise apartment buildings in Manhattan.
  • Representation of owners of residential apartments and townhouses in negotiation of construction contracts for small-scope projects.
  • Representation of hotel owners and restaurant operators in contract negotiations with interior design firms and equipment suppliers.
Real Estate Investment

Representation of investors in the acquisition, financing and sale of residential apartment buildings, blocks of unsold coops and condos, and hotels, including:

  • Representation of family partnerships in dispositions of long-term holdings, including representation of one family in the sale of 14 outer- borough apartment buildings to a single purchaser for $118 million.
  • Representation of investors in the purchases and financing of blocks of unsold condominium and coop units, and in resales of the units in bulk and individually, including preparation of amendments to offering plans.
  • Representation of owners of apartment buildings, hotels, and unsold coops and condo units in obtaining financing and refinancing.
Individual Residential Transactions
  • Representation of numerous individuals and families in the purchase and sale of homes throughout the metropolitan area, including cooperatives, condominiums and one-family homes, with prices ranging from $300,000 to $16,000,000.
Other Practice Areas
  • Formation of entities, including preparation and negotiation of limited liability company operating agreements and joint venture agreements.
  • Representation of coop and condo boards and of sponsors and holders of unsold shares.
  • Miscellaneous contract preparation and negotiation.